2 Hidden Gems In Jersey City Real Estate

Jersey City real estate has a unique reputation. What you will hear about it depends on who you ask. Some people are all about it, while others are hesitant due to the reputation for rough neighborhoods. Honestly, Jersey City has been on the upswing for several decades—and that means that there are hidden gems just waiting for the right families to move in. 

More importantly, there are gems that you could be snapping up. If you’re interested in Jersey City, it’s a good idea to learn about these two hidden gems below. 

Society Hill/Droyer’s Point

Society Hill is also sometimes known as Droyer’s Point (though this is technically a sister neighborhood). As the name suggests, this gated community was initially meant for the upper echelon of Jersey City.

Despite its reputation as a place for upscale families, this community has reasonably affordable prices. Some of the homes here can be purchased for as little as $245,000. 

Why You’ll Love It

Though the prices are reasonable, people who enjoy life inside these gates get to feel all the amenities of suburban living without all the chores. The association fees cover 24-hour security, snow removal, lawn care, and other exterior upkeep. Gorgeous waterfront views are the norm, and you get a garage for your car or assigned parking spots depending on the section of development.

Society Hill residents get to enjoy a tennis court, a basketball court, winding pathways, pools, a “tot lot,” and community clubhouses for larger gatherings, along with the obvious security measures. Not too shabby, eh?

Who Will Like It Most?

If you’re looking for a close-knit community and filled to the brim with physical activities to do, then you’re going to enjoy Society Hill. It’s elegant yet petite and somehow makes everything feel so delightfully cozy in the middle of one of New Jersey’s biggest cities. 

Port Liberte

Port Liberte is another major condo and townhome community in Jersey City. Much like Society Hill, Port Liberte offers up condos with one to four bedrooms complete with amenities. Like Society Hill, Port Liberte is a gated community with a solid reputation for being a safe and inviting community for young families and young professionals. 

Port Liberte has many elegant, Spanish-inspired condos and townhouses that blend NYC highrise with oceanside living. With prices as low as $249,000, it’s surprising that more people haven’t given this place a shot.

Why You’ll Love It

Port Liberte makes itself known as the community where everything is made convenient, and everything is elegant. Along with a slew of amenities, including transportation to the city, in-ground pools, scenic overlooks, and 24/7 amenities, residents also get tons of convenience-enhancing perks. 

Unlike most other communities, Port Liberte makes a point of living up to the “Port” portion. In other words, if you have a boat, this place comes with a place to park it—right on the Hudson! The community also comes with special guides for schooling as well as local stores and nearby restaurants. It’s everything you want, in the palm of your hand. 

Who Will Like It Most?

It’s hard to hate Port Liberte. Everyone loves it, but there’s a core group of fans who seem to like it more than others. People who love boating, convenience lovers, and families who focus on education all tend to do very well.


If you’re one of the many people who love the idea of city living at times but need a respite from all the hustle and bustle, you should take a look into these Jersey City’s gated communities. They are designed to blend the suburbs’ idyllic life with all the easy access to the city life. 

Both Society Hill and Port Liberte offer all the best of both worlds and are highly acclaimed as great places for kids to grow up. That’s why they’re some of the best-hidden gems in Jersey City and why you should be reaching out to us to learn more about them.

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