Morristown Date Night Dining: Where To Woo Your Boo

When it comes to enjoying a little one-on-one time with that special someone, few New Jersey towns offer the level of romance that Morristown does. The picturesque streets, the wonderful arts section, the dining…Ooh la la! It’s amazing, really. 

While going for a stroll on the city streets is always a welcome treat, if you want to catch a bite to eat, it’s best to know where to go. After all, you want to impress your sweetheart, don’t you?

Though there are plenty of great places in and around Morristown, it’s better to take your date to one of the more upscale places out there. But, where should you go? Don’t worry, we found the cream of the crop.

Roots Steakhouse

Roots is one of the most upscale restaurants in the entire Morristown area, and rightfully so. This steakhouse features some of the finest steak cuts, served using classic preparation methods, alongside old school American cuisine. 

This is one steakhouse that is meant for romance and hearty meals. If you want to propose or just leave the right impression, Roots is a must-have on your list.

Chef Fredy’s Table

Are you a fan of New American fare with the occasional daring twist? This BYOB restaurant is notorious for its romantic, quiet setting as well as its world-class fare. Modern yet not pretentious, Chef Fredy’s Table works well for both lunch and dinner dates.

We suggest trying their seafood dishes or splitting their absolutely incredible appetizers. We hear that their prix fixe isn’t that bad, either. 

Jockey Hollow Kitchen And Bar

There are very few restaurants that have the sterling reputation of Jockey Hollow. This restaurant is considered to be the standard-setter among romance restaurants. The venue is split into several rooms, including an amazingly beautiful bar room.

Beautifully styled platters at excellent portion sizes are the norm here. Fans of artisan cocktails and lavish desserts are going to adore Chef Chris Cannon’s vision

Sushi Lounge

Not feeling like a typical American-style dinner in a fancy restaurant? That’s not a problem in Morristown. Sushi Lounge remains one of the most popular Asian restaurants in the area, and they have an incredibly uplifting vibe throughout their restaurant.

World-class sushi, great mixed drinks, and friendly staff make this place a must-see, even if you’re just going out with a bunch of friends. You never know who you’ll meet here.

Fig And Lily Garden

It can be a little difficult to find a place that has that magical, fairytale vibe—even in a city as hip as historic Morristown. Fig And Lily retain it with a beautiful outdoor seating section as well as a lovely Euro-inspired indoor setting. 

Speaking of Euro-inspired dining, let’s talk about their menu. If you’re a fan of Mediterranean fare or Greek fare, you’re going to love their food. Their manti can’t be beat, and their phyllo rolls are not far behind on the flavor scale. 

Portofino’s Restaurant

Few nationalities are known for their love of romance like Italians are, and truthfully, that passionate spirit is embodied in the Italian fare you’ll find at Portofino’s. Many locals have used this venue as the place for a wedding proposal or even a bridal dinner.

Anyone who loves high-quality pasta or some of the most authentic Italian food in Morris County needs to give this place a try—date night or otherwise!

The Grand Cafe

Speaking of countries famous for their romance, let’s talk about traditional French cuisine. French fare isn’t just the standard when it comes to romantic evenings, it’s also one of the most complex types of food in existence. Needless to say, picking French for date night will always be a good idea. 

The Grand Cafe has been whipping up quality French fare for well over 40 years. However, lately they’ve been taking a more fusion twist, so it’s actually closer to a French-Asian mix that works beautifully. 

Rod’s Steak And Seafood Grille

Going back to a more traditional route for date night, Rod’s is one of the more popular steakhouses in the area. Patrons become regulars as a result of the place’s excellent cuts of filet mignon and world-class elegance. 

If you’ve ever wanted to be transported back in time to the days of old wealth, this is a great place to go. Their dinner menus are prix fixe, and the venue also offers a delightful marketplace too.

Coming Soon: The Capital Grille

If you’re a fan of classic fine dining but don’t want to venture into something too extreme, you’re going to love the Capital Grille. This chain restaurant prides itself on preparing classy American fare using the freshest ingredients, chef-approved recipes, and more.

Wine aficionados need to check out this venue, especially during their “Generous Pour” hours. For a flat fee, Capital Grille will let you try a wide variety of wines so that you can choose your best pairing and enjoy your meal as you see fit. Now that’s generous!


Didn’t See Your Favorite Date Night Venue Here?

The most amazing thing about Morristown is that there’s always a new place to go, and that there is an incredible selection of restaurants that you can choose to patronize. It’s nearly impossible to get all the best places to go in a single article, simply because there are so many to choose from.

Don’t see your favorite go-to spot on this list? Want to add a little more local insight to the Morristown area? Don’t be shy. We love to hear input and are going to keep uncovering awesome places to see throughout the Central Jersey area. 

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