New Jersey Suburbs You Don’t Want To Overlook

Moving outside of New York City is something that most commuters consider—especially when they start to see the rent prices in a typical apartment. When combined with the lower taxes, better spacing, and other amenities, it’s easy to see why New Jersey suburbs are becoming hot real estate. 


Most people tend to think of places like Asbury Park or Jersey City when they move to the Garden State, but that’s not always fair. There are plenty of amazing suburbs that are famous for being great places to live. These five oft-overlooked places, for example, might be a great match for you.



Fanwood is a small town that is basically made for families. Known for its low crime rate, excellent school system, and excellent after school programs, people tend to move to Fanwood when they want to have kids that grow up in a safe, friendly environment. 


Tired of all the noise of New York? Fanwood might be right for you. This type of suburb offers a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Expect quiet nights, great local restaurants, fun local events, and more if you choose to move here.  



Chester is one of the most low-key suburbs in New Jersey, and it’s fairly petite in size. But, they say that big things come in small packages. This quaint little town is known for having excellent schools, a very Victorian bend to its architecture, and is a historic area.


The town is known for having plenty of family-friendly events, too. If you are looking for a safe place to raise kids, love the idea of shopping at local farms, and want to enjoy a more rural-suburban lifestyle, you’ll love Chester.


If you’re searching for a town that is a little bit more urban, then you might want to look at Randolph. Top-tier public schools, close proximity to private schools, and some of the best after school programs in the state make this town an academic dream come true. 


Though it’s known for good schools, Randolph is also famous for having a wide array of restaurants and parks nearby. That’s why many up-and-coming professionals choose to move here. 


Westfield has been one of New Jersey’s more upscale suburbs for the better part of a decade, and rightfully so. The schools are amazing, the town is notably walkable, and the homes here are noted for being beautiful inside and out. 


It’s hard to nail down just one feature of Westfield. Some adore the restaurant and bar scenes. Others love the wide range of different shops, while still more love that the town is designed with NYC commutes in mind. There’s a little something for everyone here.

River Edge

Though Central Jersey has become a darling among the commuter crowd, plenty of people need better access to the George Washington Bridge. River Edge might be your best bet if you love small-town living but need to be a quick drive away.


This town has a zoo, great schools, tons of shopping, and one of the most diverse restaurant scenes in Bergen County. Best of all, it’s only a 20-minute drive to the GWB, making your commute a dream.


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