10 Reasons to Make Bayonne Home

Northern New Jersey is considered the “Sixth Borough” to New York City, and rightfully so. Many of the amenities that people adore in the city can be found within North Jersey’s limits—the NJ Transit system, excellent shopping districts, and of course, some of the world’s best restaurants, to name a few.


Major cities like Jersey City are now finally getting the recognition they have so long deserved. One of the newer cities to become popular with the upper class is Bayonne, a working-class neighborhood that’s quickly becoming the new “it” spot. The reasons why it’s getting so popular are plain for everyone to see.

1. Bayonne is a literal commuter’s dream.

Bayonne is located on the intersections of major highways like I-95, I-78, and Routes 1 and 9. This makes it easy to get to the city by car or further westward if needed. Since the public transit system here is also amazing, you don’t even need a car to make it to work. 

2. There are so many parks!

Love to bring your kids to play at a park? You’re not alone. Bayonne has multiple parks that are well-maintained and popular with the locals. Whether it’s the local ballpark, a jungle gym, or even a place filled with biking trails, it’s safe to say you’ll be at home here. 

3. The views are spectacular.

Bayonne is right across the Hudson River from New York. This means that you regularly get to see absolutely stunning views at night. It’s not uncommon for photographers to shoot with models in the area simply because they can always expect the backdrop to be perfect.

4. If you’re a fan of shopping, you’re going to love Bayonne’s location.

Bayonne is just a stone’s throw away from New York’s top shopping districts, but that’s not all. It also happens to be within driving distance to Newport Mall, the American Dream Mall, and some shopping plazas.

5. The school systems are pretty darn good.

Bayonne has great schools in its public system, making it unique among most major cities. If you’re a discerning parent that wants to make sure your child has a private education, that’s fine too. The city has plenty of private and charter schools that work well with almost every lifestyle. 

6. Jobs are easy to find here.

Whether we like to admit it or not, our country is in a major economic downturn. You would never guess that from a visit to Bayonne, though. There are always places hiring here, in a wide range of different industries. Whether you work in automotive or high corporate, you will be able to find a living while you’re here.

7. The diversity that you get here is amazing.

Studies show that kids who grow up in diverse cities are more educated, well-adjusted, and happier than adults. Choosing a place like Bayonne is smart to teach your kids about other cultures in the best way possible. 

8. You never run out of cool things to do in and around town.

Bike trails? Check. Nightclubs? Check. Cool concerts for free at local parks? Double-check. No matter what your taste in “fun” is, you can expect Bayonne to have something that works well for you. 

9. Did we mention that the nightlife is great?

Bayonne boasts quite a few bars and is within driving distance to some top-rated nightclubs. The town also happens to be fairly close to Hoboken, Jersey City, and other major nightlife hotspots. Concerts have never been so easy to attend.

10. Despite having a big city feel at times, Bayonne remains a tight-knit community.

Though there are many luxury condos and townhomes, plenty of apartments, and a large number of city-like venues, Bayonne isn’t all city. It’s still the kind of town where people know their neighbors, wave hello, and help each other out. That’s Bayonne magic. 

Move Here, Love Here

Bayonne is the type of town that has something for everyone and avoids many other cities’ pretension. It’s a town where you can make your life the way you want it to be—regardless of the type of life your goal is. Once you visit, you’ll understand why it’s one of the top cities of its kind in New Jersey.

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