10 Reasons To Make Livingston, NJ Home

Every single town in New Jersey has its own unique personality, and that’s true of Livingston, NJ, too. This town has long been a “status symbol” among the upper-middle class, and rightfully so. This beautiful town is the picture-perfect example of idyllic suburban living with a touch of extra elegance.

Among savvy real estate insiders, living in Livingston is considered to be one of the best ways to enjoy Essex county. Though everyone seems to have their own unique reasons as to why they love this area, we decided to take a look at the most popular reasons why people choose to live in Livingston below.

1. The education system is one of the tops in the state, and its library is remarkably popular.

If you are part of an education-oriented family, Livingston is going to become your own little version of paradise. Livingston’s public school system is one of the tops in the state, and regularly gets ranked as one of the best-performing systems in the country.

There’s a palpable culture of academic excellence that permeates Livingston. People are always wearing school pride gear. Kids actively hang out at the library with their friends. Oh, and the extracurriculars? Your kids won’t need to worry about being unable to find something that works with them.

2. Their professional opportunities make it a great place for job seekers to be.

Finding a professional-level job is a breeze if you live in Livingston, even during tough economic times. It’s no secret that Livingston is home to a number of major corporations, including Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Alpha Technology Group, and Amneal Pharmaceuticals.

The town also happens to be home to an Amazon warehouse, where many local teenagers and college students get summer jobs. Livingston boasts a great networking arena, which makes it a good place for career-loving people.

3. There’s a mall!

And, it’s not just any mall, either. The Livingston Mall is one of the top-rated malls in New Jersey. Fans of this venue love the wide array of different upscale shops, including FYE Music, Windsor, Yankee Candle, and Zumiez.

The mall acts as a major hangout place for local kids and their families alike. Snagging sales is a cinch here, but that’s not all the mall does. This venue also boasts multiple events designed to entertain locals.

4. There are tons of medical facilities nearby.

Finding lots of good healthcare venues can be difficult in some areas, but not in Livingston. Livingston, NJ, is considered to be one of the best places for people who want to make the most of their healthcare dollars.

You might be able to thank the booming pharma industry here, or the local Saint Barnabas Medical Center. Or, maybe you just want to check out the many specialized doctors. Or, maybe it’s because there are multiple pediatricians in the area. Whatever it is, you can expect to stay healthy here.

5. The Town Center always has something happening.

The Town Center of Livingston is arguably the hotspot of the city’s culture. This beautiful mixed-use building and mall has become a major rival of the Livingston Mall for all the right reasons. It’s spacious enough to spend a good amount of time wandering around.

If you’re a fan of restaurants or just want to hang out with friends near a nice indoor fountain, then you’ll enjoy this perk of living in Livingston.

6. There’s always something delicious to eat in town.

For many people, nothing is quite as important to one’s entertainment life as having great restaurants nearby. As you’d guess, Livingston won’t leave you wanting for more. Italian food seems to be the most popular option around, but there are plenty of other cuisines to try, too!

People who enjoy sinking their teeth into a gyro need to check out Livingston’s The Greek Spot. They’re rumored to have some of the best Greek cuisine in all of Essex county.

7. One of the largest zoos in the state is only a short drive away.

Almost everyone in New Jersey has heard of Turtle Back Zoo—an animal-filled educational center that is designed to thrill kids of all ages. This massive zoo is located right next to major parks and nature attractions, making it one of the best places to do a family-friendly day trip.

Moving to Livingston means that you’re only a five-minute drive from this zoological hotspot. Finding a way to entertain the kids will never be easier.

8. Commuting to NYC is a cinch here.

A large portion of people who reside in Livingston choose to commute to New York City, and that’s actually fairly easy to do. A single 40 to 60-minute bus ride is all you need in order to get to New York via public transit.

Of course, if you drive, things get even easier. A direct car ride to New York City via 280-East is only 36 minutes.

9. If you’re looking for a date night venue, Livingston’s got plenty of them.

While it is known for being a remarkably family-friendly town, don’t be fooled. Livingston has plenty of great restaurants and bars that make for a wonderful date night. Restaurant-lovers who want an intimate night might want to check out The Garden, or the Fox and the Falcon.

If you’re more of a “bar night” person, giving the Shillelagh Club a go might be a better option.

10. It’s the kind of place people go to make family memories.

If you ask anyone who ever lived in Livingston, you’ll hear them say the exact same thing. People are proud to live here, and always want to stay here. Why? Because it’s got the community, the resources, and the beautiful scenery that makes it a perfect place to grow up and thrive.

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