10 Reasons To Make Scotch Plains Home

When people think of good cities to live in, in New Jersey, they often think of Hoboken or Jersey City’s Arts District. Those are great choices, but they aren’t all that the Garden State has to offer. Some of the more suburban areas in the state are worth noting too.

For example, Scotch Plains is one of those suburban-urban areas that has started to gain a lot of traction among real estate developers, investors, as well as people who want to find a new place to call home. But, what does this Central Jersey town offer people, and why is it so hot? We got the answers for you…

1. Scotch Plains has a bunch of great schools.

If you are a parent, you already know that schooling is everything. The public school system servicing Scotch Plains is one of the best in the state, with many schools winning scholastic achievement awards.

More of a private school fan? Not a problem. Scotch Plains has several Catholic and Christian day schools that will provide your child with the values they deserve to have. 

2. It’s a safe town.

It only takes one robbery or assault for a person to realize how important safety is. Thankfully, Scotch Plains residents don’t have to worry about that. This small town is statistically safer than 73 percent of all other cities in the United States.

3. You can travel to New York City fairly easily from here.

Are you a commuter? You wouldn’t be alone at Scotch Plains. The city has a thriving public transit system, which means that the Big Apple (or Newark Penn Station) is just a bus ride away.

If you don’t have a thing for riding the bus, don’t worry. New York City is approximately an hour away by car via nearby highways, giving you a fairly manageable commute each way. 

4. There are tons of places to get athletic in town.

There’s something to be said about living in a town that encourages an active lifestyle. Scotch Plains has plenty of parks with fun equipment for kids, rolling hills for dogs, and hiking pathways. Outdoor fun is just a quick walk away.

If you’re more of an indoor person, that’s still not a problem. Nearby towns have trampoline parks, amusement parks, as well as basketball courts. Oh, and Scotch Plains itself has tons of indoor gyms, too. 


5. Nightlife is pretty decent.

Nightlife is not exactly Scotch Plains’s forte, but that doesn’t mean it’s extinct here. There are several friendly bars where everyone knows your name in town. Moreover, Scotch Plains is close to several cities famed for their nightlife, including Newark, Elizabeth, and Rahway.

If you’re more of a lounge person, it’s also worth noting that cigar stores offer smoke sessions in Fanwood. Wine bars, too, are fairly commonplace in the area.


6. There are also tons of restaurants for people who enjoy a good plate of food.

If nothing else, New Jersey is a gourmet’s paradise. There are restaurants around every corner, and Scotch Plains is no different. Along with typical offerings like a local pizzeria or a corner shop featuring artisan foods, Scotch Plains has a thriving foodie scene.

Some of the top restaurants in the area include the Stage House, Darby House, Red Pepper Indian Cuisine, and Go Sushi. Delivery here is pretty quick, too!


7. You can always enjoy the shopping scene here?

People who were bit by the fashion bug never have to worry about being low on places to shop. Scotch Plains is fairly close to the Short Hills Mall and also happens to have its own major shopping plaza. Right nearby are several towns known for their avid shopping scenes, too.


8. Everything in town is well-maintained.

Did you ever go to a town that didn’t seem to maintain anything? Maybe it was just noticing one too many potholes, an underfunded library, or a police force that didn’t want to do much of anything. We’ve all seen it, and we all know how aggravating it is.

Even paying taxes into these towns can be pretty annoying. What are your taxes even going for? Well, at Scotch Plains, this won’t be an issue. Everything is exceptionally well-maintained here, from potholes to municipal buildings.


9. The homes here are gorgeous.

If nothing else, this is the type of community where there’s a home for every type of taste. There are apartments for people who are just beginning to find their roots in life, luxury condos for up-and-coming families, as well as visually stunning homes for people who are ready to move into a place they want to retire in.

Literally, there is a home type for everyone there. Scotch Plains is famous for that kind of versatility. 


10. It’s a true-to-life community.

In our society, it’s normal to feel fractured. We are starting to see a world where people are getting increasingly upset about being alone or not finding a way to connect with others. Here you should never feel alone.

Scotch Plains is notoriously friendly and also happens to have a lot of community events. From local fairs to volunteering programs, there’s always a way to get more outreach in Scotch Plains. That alone makes it a perfect place for most people to call home. 

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