10 Reasons To Make Summit Home

In New Jersey, certain towns have a reputation for being fabulous living places—often to the point of residency becoming a status symbol in and of itself.  Summit is one of those towns, and rightfully so. As the hometown of many of New Jersey’s elite, it’s difficult to ignore the amazing benefits of living here.

Summit is regularly voted as one of the most expensive places to live, but if you ask anyone who lives there, it’s money well spent. Wondering what makes Summit so incredibly appealing? Here’s the scoop…

1. Summit is in the top five school districts in NJ. 

If nothing else, Summit is a town that is built to give kids the opportunities parents wish they had growing up. Of course, all of that starts with proper schooling. Summit’s public schools regularly outperform most private schools in the state. With a mere 11 to 1 student-teacher ratio, this is a great school system for ensuring that your child gets the attention they deserve.

Along with a world-class school system, Summit also boasts a significant number of youth sports programs. So, if you have a child athlete who wants to make it big, this is also a great place to be.

2. There are public golf courses and an aquatic center.

You don’t have to be a kid to appreciate having fun in the summer sun, and Summit is excellent for this. Along with the standard parks and playgrounds that most towns offer to the public, Summit has two extra public amenities people adore: the golf course and the Family Aquatic Center.

These two facilities are a great place to go if you want to meet your neighbors, get in shape, or just take some time out. They’re also two of the most family-friendly places to go.

3. The town also boasts excellent creative outlets.

With many towns, the issue isn’t finding a decent school system or finding a low-crime area. It’s finding things to do that go beyond the typical athletic pastimes that are commonplace. Thankfully, Summit is one of those towns where creativity is king. 

Summit has multiple arts-centric venues that provide entertainment and a way to exercise your creative muscle. These include a Pinot’s Palette, two community theatres, and an art gallery. Needless to say, your inner artist will remain satiated while living here.

4. Summit also has awesome day spas.

With demographics as upscale as what you’ll find in Summit, it’s only natural to expect to see some seriously upscale day spas. Fans of getting their relaxation in will love to hear that there’s a local Summit Day Spa, a Woodhouse Day Spa, as well as several yoga class locations. 

Being stressed is no fun. Being able to get rid of that stress close to home is lovely. That’s what makes Summit so great. 

5. You won’t have to worry about employment stress, either.

Summit may have a higher price tag than surrounding areas, but it’s safe to say that many benefits come with the investment of living here. Unemployment in Summit is phenomenally low, at only 3 percent in most years. 

It could be due to all the professional networking groups that exist in and around the area. It could be all the major corporations that make this region their home. Or, maybe it’s just because it’s a wealthy place, and wealth attracts wealth. It’s hard to tell.

6. Foodies will enjoy the grocery options here.

Groceries, you ask? Really? Absolutely! Foodies who want to taste super fresh foods with that farm-to-table, gourmet taste won’t go hungry here. Along with standard grocery stores like Shoprite, locals also have luxury grocery stores like Kings and specialty stores, like the I-Organic Mart to choose from. 

There’s also a fairly popular farmer’s market nearby, so if you are a fan of Jersey-fresh produce, living in Summit is definitely a great choice. 

7. Speaking of food, the restaurant scene is fantastic here.

Most people know Summit as an upscale town with a booming restaurant scene. Since Summit has some of the most popular fine dining venues in the state within its borders, they’d be right to think of that reputation.

Roots Steakhouse, La Pastaria, and the Huntley Taverne are all great picks here. However, you can also find everything from fast food to exotic fare. Needless to say, it’s a foodie’s paradise. 

8. The bar scene isn’t too bad, either.

What’s great food without having great drinks to accompany them? Summit’s nightlife gets it and makes no qualms about giving people who love a good glass of wine to kick back and relax with friends. 

Some of the more popular places to get into the wine scene include Summit House, the Hat Tavern, and the Twin Elephant Brewing Company. You can also find some fantastic liquor stores nearby, just in case you need to entertain some guests.

9. Safety is never a concern in Summit. 

Summit is often said to be a town with the amenities of a big city but without the high crime rates. The police force here is known to make sure that everything is safe, without being rude or overbearing about it. 

Because it’s such a safe town, parents don’t need to feel worried about letting their teenagers hang out Downtown at night. That’s not something that can be said in many other areas!

10. It’s also a senior-friendly town.

Though Summit is known for having a strong youth presence, this town is also known as a place that grows along with you. Summit has a slew of excellent senior living facilities that are excellently equipped, beautiful, and ready to help people in their sunset years.

Along with having multiple facilities, the town’s committee also has an enviable number of senior resources and activity groups. That means you can grow old in style.

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