10 Reasons You Should Make Westfield Home

There are very few places that are as nice to live in as Westfield, New Jersey. This small town, located right on the outskirts of Union and Summit, NJ, offers up a beautiful blend of classic American living mixed with upscale amenities.

In recent years, real estate in the Westfield area has gone through the roof as a result of the increased job growth in major cities like Newark. However, the increase in job opportunities and the easy commute isn’t the only reason why people adore living it up in this tiny town. We put together a lit of the best perks that come with living in Westfield, NJ…

1. It’s considered to be the best place to live in Union County.

A study performed by Niche.com showed that the satisfaction rates for people living in Westfield were the highest in the county. Many noted that their reasons included excellent schooling, beautiful houses, and safe suburban streets as their reasons for loving this town.

Of course, just having that status symbol doesn’t mean much unless you know the specifics. Thankfully, we got that covered…

2. The school systems in Westfield are the best in the county.

Parents who want to see their children succeed in life need to make sure that they move in an area that’s known for great schooling. Westfield’s public school system is one of the tops in the state, and regularly gets awarded for students’ performance on a national level.

If you are a family that’s geared towards private schooling options, you’re still in luck. This town has private prep school options, Montessori options, as well as Roman Catholic schooling choices for parents to enjoy.

3. The parks are also super kid-friendly.

Is there anything more idyllic and innocent than being a parent who lets their kids get their fill for nature through public parks? We think not, and so does the borough of Westfield. This town is home to several fully-equipped playgrounds and nature reservations.

One of the most popular attractions in this category is the Brightwood Park, a sprawling 44-acre park complete with trails and scenic views. If you prefer a more child-friendly place, Mindowaskin Park’s playground is one of the most active in town.

4. Downtown Westfield always has something to do.

Westfield, NJ is one of the most popular suburban towns for people who want to go out and enjoy life. Downtown Westfield has over 200 different stores and restaurants filled to the brim with interesting things to see and enjoy.

Of course, the township’s habit of holding events also helps their reputation for being nightlife-friendy. Some of the more popular events include an annual Jazz Fest, as well as their annual AddamsFest. (Fun fact: Westfield was the inspiration for the Addams Family. They celebrate it every year!)

5. Oh, and their food scene is amazing!

Foodies will not have a problem finding a place they enjoy in Westfield. This town is considered to be a low-key hotspot for gourmet food and fine dining.

Mulberry House has an amazing tea time option if you’re a fan of brunch. New American fans will love the Addams Tavern. Meanwhile, people who enjoy Asian cuisine or Indian fare will find Akai Lounge and Spice Bazaar to be their cup of tea.

6. Their nightlife scene is great.

Though Westfield real estate is considered to be a hot market choice due to its child-friendly lifestyle options, there’s something to be said about its nightlife scene. Even though this is a suburban area, there are still plenty of places to go and grab a drink around town.

The Addams Tavern, for example, is a favorite among casual drinkers who want a cold pint with friends. If you want a more upscale venue, check out 16 Prospect Wine Bar and Bistro. This dual-use venue has fun jazz sessions, an excellent wine selection, and sharable foods.

7. There are also a ton of different niche hobby sites that you can go to in town.

Every town has restaurants and parks, but not many places have areas that are devoted to specialty hobbies. Fans who want to have more unique diversions will love Westfield. This town has a Yestercades Arcade—an arcade that focuses in on retro games, complete with free play options.

If gaming isn’t your thing, you might want to check out Do Ewe Knit and Just Bead Yourself, two shops that are dedicated to giving people a place to knit and create adorable beaded creations. It’s an artsy town like that.

8. People who worry about crime rates will love Westfield, NJ

Many people local to Westfield relate the town’s atmosphere to the perfect “television town” that one would imagine seeing in 1950s shows. That’s because the crime rate in Westfield is extremely low, giving people that nice sense of comfort that can only be achieved through having their safety needs met.

9. Even though it’s near a bunch of major transit hubs, traffic is a breeze.

Most people who are used to Newark-area traffic get concerned about their commute when they buy up real estate nearby. Despite Westfield being less than half an hour away from Newark and right next to Union, the streets of Westfield are notoriously low-traffic.

So, if you’ve been worried about being late for important meetings, you can expect to get a little peace of mind if you live in Westfield. That kind of stuff just doesn’t happen in town.

10. Direct commute to New York City.

It’s no secret that many families in Union county end up going to New York for work or day trips. Getting real estate in Westfield is a great move if you’re one of the many people who need to have access to the Big Apple.

No car no problem…Thanks to an excellent public transportation system, you can quickly get to New York City via NJ Transit. That said, if you do have your car, you can expect to be in the city in under an hour.

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