Best Dog Parks In Jersey City

There are plenty of places that could be considered a great place to be a dog owner. But, among cities, Jersey City might be the best of the best. People in this city love dogs and regularly find new ways to enjoy life with them. There are dog festivals, animal rights events, as well as puppy boutiques. 


Though Jersey City can be a great place to have a pup, the truth is that many parts of the city have apartments or tiny homes without a yard. This can make it hard for many dogs to get the exercise they crave. Solution: bring them to one of the many local dog parks in the city. 


Newport Dog Park

Often considered one of the best dog parks in Jersey City, this is a park situated close to Newport Mall and the local Duane Reade. (Quick trip for dog biscuits post-park? Oh my, yes!)


This dog park has small and large dog areas, making it a good choice for people who want to keep dogs separated by size. While you might need to bring your own water, the truth is that you will grow to love the convenience of this sunny little park. 


Van Vorst Park

So, this isn’t just a dog park. It’s a major community hotspot that features a wide range of amenities worth checking out. Everyone enjoys the gorgeous historical architecture throughout the park. Parents enjoy the local playground and the easy access they have to it for their kids. On the other hand, dog owners tend to enjoy having a full puppy run here.


If you are looking for a place where there is a little bit of everything for literally every family member, then Van Vorst Park is a good way to kick off your day. Besides, after you and your pup take your time running around in the park, you might be able to catch one of the many events that occur in this park afterward.

Lincoln Park Dog Run

While there are perks to having a place where your pups can run free in a multipurpose area, the truth is that you sometimes will want to have a place that is all about the puppies and dogs that run there. That’s when you should give Lincoln Park Dog Run a shot. 


Lincoln Park Dog Run is the most popular super-specialized dog park in all of Jersey City. Along with having ample parking for families throughout the area, Lincoln Park also offers up separate regions for both large and small dogs. So if you are worried about being low on water, don’t be. There’s a water source here too. 


Berry Lane Dog Park

Berry Lane Dog Park might be known as “the dog park” by people who live nearby, but don’t be fooled. It’s so much more than that. Much like Van Vorst, Berry Lane is a major park complex devoted to having a little bit of everything…but in larger quantities.


Most people recognize Berry Lane as the place where locals go when they want to play soccer or go to the skate park. Both parts of this complex are pretty popular and give you a good taste of the community. However, it’s the dog park that people really seem to go gaga over. 


The dog run here is known for being primarily gravel-based and super sunny. So if your dogs love the sun and want to chill out with fellow pups, you won’t find a better place to do it.

Jersey City Is A Pup’s Paradise

Not many cities in New Jersey offer up as many amenities for dog owners as Jersey City does, nor do they have that special camaraderie that this town has. So if you love giving your pup the best possible life out there, you won’t go wrong by choosing to partake in this town.

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