Morristown, NJ Homes for Sale

Morristown, NJ Homes for Sale

About Morristown

Morristown is a historic town that has been in New Jersey since the early years of the nation. There are several cultural and heritage sites in the booming city with museums and parks preserving the history of the community. The town has thriving retail and commercial districts that bring in hundreds of thousands of workers daily. Although Morristown has a land area of only about three square miles, there are around 19,037 residents in the district. These families live in a number of apartments, condominiums, and residential neighborhoods in Morristown.

Residential Real Estate in Morristown includes single-family homes, low-rise condominiums, townhouses, apartments, and luxury residences. The diverse selection of properties lets home buyers choose a house that best suits their needs and budget. Condos and apartments are plentiful with unit sizes ranging from one to three-bedroom models. Luxury residences in private communities in the area feature impressive colonial architecture, large home lots with spacious yards, and beautiful interiors with lavish furnishings. There are also plenty of suburban neighborhoods offering single-family homes and townhouses for families looking for their starter home in the city.

Notable Locations:

Speedwell Lake Park
Morristown Green Park
Mayo Performing Arts Center
Morristown Medical Center
Midtown Shopping Center

School Information:

Shepard Preparatory High School
The Red Oaks School
Morristown High School
Thomas Jefferson Elementary School

Homes for Sale in Morristown, New Jersey

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