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If you are considering putting your New Jersey home on the market, one of the first questions to ask is: “What’s the property value of my home?” or “How will a Realtor find the market value of my house?” Every seller and every New Jersey home is different, and most likely, you have specific goals and needs to consider when it comes to selling your home. Whether your primary goal is to sell your New Jersey home quickly at any cost or to get top dollar for your home, Demond McClellan and eXp Realty will provide a custom real estate Market Approach Plan or M.A.P. to selling your home. This M.A.P. will be designed around your specific goals and objectives first and then complemented with current market data and other key variables. To schedule a free, no-obligation strategy call to discuss how we can help get your New Jersey home sold, you can contact us today.


When you’re ready for a home selling consultation, we will be happy to evaluate your home in-person to design a Market Approach Plan based on your home's unique characteristics and your situation. If you’re planning to sell, our M.A.P. will help set a clear picture of what you can expect from us as your agent and the market of homebuyers, from timelines and strategy to the best price points for entry to the local real estate market. However, if you are just curious about the current prices of homes in your neighborhood, check out some current listings in Morristown, Jersey City, Madison, Fort Lee, Westfield, and other markets across Northern New Jersey.


To discover your home’s market value, we use several methods and data sources. Unlike our instant online estimator tool below, our in-depth Market Approach Plans are custom-designed, relying heavily on your home’s unique property features and local market trends. Our plan starts with “comps” or comparable properties on the market that have sold in the last several months. With the dynamic nature of the New Jersey real estate market, outdated comps, or comps from outside your immediate neighborhood or community, are not going to be helpful. We also consider your property’s current condition: any recent upgrades or additions? New appliances? Invested in a generator? Additionally, a side by side comparison of your home versus our knowledge of nearby, similar homes will come into play.


When deciding to sell your New Jersey home, you have a wide variety of brokers and listing agents to choose from. A typical listing agent does exactly that — list your home for sale on the MLS, markets it, holds an open house or two, and then hopes to get you top dollar for your home. When hiring a listing agent for your home, you will sign an exclusive listing agreement for a set time frame, usually 3-6 months. The listing agent’s job is to work for you, the home seller, and to generate buyer interest in your property that results in offers from qualified buyers. This may mean recommending the best offer to accept, based on the price—timeline and terms that most closely align with your goals.

When you choose to partner with us, you will experience first-hand what sets us apart from other New Jersey Realtors. Our "Simple, Transparent, & Effective" services are designed to represent your best interests at every step of the selling process. Whether you are an experienced homeowner or local developer with a history of projects or looking for an agent to sell your first home, we have a plan that will work for you. We are committed to providing the best experience for our clients. We start by listening to you to get a full understanding of your goals and objectives. Then using our M.A.P. to home selling, our property marketing techniques, and leveraging our years of knowledge of the New Jersey real estate market, we work to meet your goals and objectives.

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