The 7 Best Brunch Places In Jersey City

Ah, Jersey City. Once considered to be one of the rougher neighborhoods in New Jersey, this town has come a long way. It’s now one of the most in-demand places to live and home to one of the hottest nightlife scenes in the state. 

This red-hot town doesn’t just stop partying when the sun rises, either. Jersey City is remarkably popular when it comes to fans of brunch and fine dining. Wanna find a new place to chill with friends and family for a brunch session? Take a look at our top picks below. 

Mathew’s Food And Drink

351 Grove St. Jersey City, NJ 07302

If you’re looking for a good place for modern American fare that’s simple, easy to work with, and enjoyable by everyone, you’re going to like this venue. Mathew’s Food And Drink is one of the few places in Jersey City to boast an all-day brunch menu. They offer delivery and now offer a lovely outdoor patio, too. 

Mathew’s is an excellent place to go if you have friends who are picky eaters, simply because there’s something for everyone. Vegans and veggie-lovers will be happy to know they have delicious avocado toast and salads. Most people are huge fans of their salmon and cream cheese sandwiches, too. 

Snapdragon Coffee & Social

190 Monticello Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07304

Snapdragon isn’t just a really cool coffee and brunch spot. It’s also a fully-rentable event space that regularly hosts upscale parties. When you see the scenery, you’ll understand why. It’s decorated in a beautiful neo-Victorian style and has an awesome brick backdrop. But, this article isn’t about its events; it’s about brunch. 

This venue offers up a coffee lover’s paradise and a nice selection of different pastries and brunch classics. You’ll love the avocado toast, quiches, and sweet pastries here. Everyone does!

The Cliff

38 Congress St. Jersey City, NJ 07307

If you’re looking for a place that’s considered a must for brunch, head to The Cliff. This venue is known for being one of the best places to eat off Paterson Plank Road, and rightfully so. Their food is delicious regardless of what time of day you go there!

Brunch-wise, you have a massive menu to choose from. While there are traditional offerings like omelets to enjoy, more adventurous people are encouraged to try exotic treats like acai bowls, kale salads, or Icelandic cod burgers. Somehow, the already-delicious food tastes even better in their outdoor seating area. Yum!

Skinner’s Loft

146 Newark Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07302

Skinner’s Loft is one of Jersey City’s best-kept restaurant secrets, especially when it comes to brunch. Most people love their steak and eggs, but you don’t need to be a meat-eater to enjoy this venue. Their eggs benedict, bread baskets, and vegetarian offerings are all worth a shot. 

What makes Skinner’s Loft, so good is its ambiance. It’s great for people who love liquor infusions, eclectic menus, and a little bit of hipstery goodness in every bite. Whoever Skinner is, it’s safe to say he’s happy with how many people love his Loft!

The Hutton

225 Hutton St. Jersey City, NJ 07307

The Hutton gained a reputation for being one of the most lovable cocktail-slinging gastropubs in Jersey City. It’s a true staple in the city’s nightlife among foodies, and lately, they’ve been getting a similar reputation thanks to their brunch offerings. 

It’s hard to find a single thing to focus praise on here since it’s all so darn good. No matter what you order on the menu, it’s safe to say that you’ll adore it. Their brunch menu features a wide selection of excellent dishes. Their Apple Guacamole is to die for if you’re interested in trying something new. 

The Hidden Grounds

148 1st Street Jersey City, NJ 07307

Tucked away in a tall building is a modern brunch paradise and coffeehouse known as The Hidden Grounds. Its beautiful interior gives you a modern, New Yorker vibe without the high prices and commute. So, if you’re a fan of the city and just want a Jersey “home away from home,” you’ll love this place. 

As one would expect by its name, The Hidden Grounds specializes in coffee brunches. If you don’t drink, you’ll love this venue and its awesome food selection. The pastries and dishes are perfect for light eaters who want something sweet yet savory. 

Maggie’s Farm Espresso

88 Morgan St. Jersey City, NJ 07302

Do you love the idea of a cozy little restaurant where you can mellow out, drink something caffeinated, and enjoy farm-to-table cuisine? You are going to love Maggie’s, then. This is a cafe that was created by an Aussie transplant to recreate the coziness of her favorite farmhouse place. 

The entire cafe is dedicated to healthy, sustainable, and eco-friendly food. Since the menu is seasonal, you can expect it to be different every single time you go there. With that said, the general consensus is that you can taste the freshness in every bite. 

Loved Our Picks?

It’s no secret that Jersey City has become one of the top culinary hotspots on the East Coast and that it’s slated to become a major entertainment hub too. This list is relatively short, which means that we have to pick the cream of the crop. That’s a hard thing to do with Jersey City!

If you don’t see your favorite restaurant on here, don’t fret. We’d love to hear what you think is the top place in town, too!

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