The 7 Best Cities for Young Professionals in New Jersey

If you’ve just graduated from college and are looking for the right place to start your career, congratulations. You’re already making a huge step in the right direction by choosing your hometown carefully. Finding a home in one of the best cities for young professionals will open you up to new career opportunities, excellent business networking…and maybe even a chance at love.


New Jersey, in and of itself, is a great place to be upwardly mobile. We have one of the hottest job markets in America with very low unemployment, as well as a wide selection of excellent schools. But, which cities are the best of the best? Here’s our list…


1. Hoboken

Hoboken, though it has a reputation for being expensive, is a place well worth the splurge. This area is known for being classy, filled to the brim with highly educated young professionals. The bar and entertainment scene is amazing, it’s a short commute to Manhattan via bus or PATH train, and the business networking is beyond reproach.


This is the type of town that people go to when they want to make it big in finance, fashion, publishing, or anything similar. Expect to meet LOTS of single high-worth individuals and tons of successful people here.


  • Median Income: $124,040

  • Average Commute to NYC: 23 Minutes

  • Median Age: 36


2. Jersey City

Though Jersey City may be better known as a family-friendly town, the truth is that it offers a lot for up-and-coming professionals. Upscale dining opportunities for lunch dates, excellent professional networking events as well as interesting activities around every corner make it a great place to be.


There are tons of people here who are making it big, or have already made it big. Oh, and if looking for a home to invest some of that big income, Jersey City has a variety of communities and condos and homes fitting every lifestyle.


  • Median Income: $68,187

  • Average Commute to NYC: 20 mins

  • Median Age: 37


3. Morristown

If you love the idea of hanging around upscale crowds but don’t like the rent prices around the Hudson, we can’t blame you. You’re just starting out, and life is too short to spend it all on rent. That’s why Morristown made our list.


Morristown is a little more affordable than Northern New Jersey, but still has a wide array of different networking events, job opportunities, and schooling opportunities to explore. Like Hoboken, this is considered to be one of the best cities for young, single professionals in the state. Not too bad!


  • Median Income: $85,285

  • Average Commute to NYC: 55 mins

  • Median Age: 38


4. Madison

Madison is not a city like most of the other entries on this list, but that hasn’t stopped it from being a major hotspot for young professionals. This is a town that is known for bringing in people in Big Pharma as well as a number of high fashion groups.


Unlike other picks on this list, Madison walks that fine line between suburban and urban. It’s just posh enough to attract the right crowd but gives you more than enough space to feel at home. Better still, it also has a fairly fast commute to the Big Apple, so it’s really the best of both worlds.


  • Median Income: $124,037

  • Average Commute to NYC: 50 Mins

  • Median Age: 37


5. Montclair

Artsy, quirky, and utterly sophisticated, Montclair is basically the North New Jersey version of Princeton without the pretentiousness. This is one of the best places to live if you are a young artist, if you want to meet people in the business of finance, or if you’re a huge fan of real estate investing.


You can find a wide range of different scenes here. There’s a lively food scene, an incredible culture, and arts scene, as well as a fair amount of professional networking groups dedicated to specific industries. and businesses. Oh, and you can’t forget that Montclair also happens to be great for college students, too.


  • Median Income: $175,026

  • Average Commute to NYC: 45 mins

  • Median Age: 44


6. Newark

Newark, admittedly, doesn’t have the best reputation as far as cities go. 20 years ago, this town was terrifying. Oh, how things have changed! Newark offers a lightning-quick commute to New York City via NJ Transit, ample “WeWork-style” office buildings filled with chic amenities, and a lively restaurant scene.


Fans of the culture and arts are going to love the NJPAC center, the Newark Museum, as well as the slew of art galleries that happen to call this city home. Crime rates are the lowest they’ve been in decades, and there are tons of places where you can enjoy luxury living.


  • Median Income: $35,768

  • Average Commute to NYC: 31 mins

  • Median Age: 34

7. Edgewater

Some young professionals already know they “want it all,” which is why this little town keeps making headlines. Edgewater has just about anything you could imagine, including luxury grocery stores, an amazing spa scene, world-class networking events, and incredible views of the Hudson.


What more can we say? This place has incredible nightlife/entertainment, and you just cannot go wrong here. It’s an incredible place to be.

  • Median Income: $114,596

  • Average Commute to NYC: 24 Mins

  • Median Age: 41


What Other Cities Can Work For You?

Though these New Jersey cities always add a “young professional” vibe to your life, the truth is that they aren’t the be-all, end-all of young professional living. Do you have a town that’s served you well? Tell us about it!

Though these New Jersey towns always add a “young professional” vibe to your life, the truth is that they aren’t the be-all, end-all of young professional living. Do you have a town that’s served you well? Tell us about it!

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