The Best Picnic Spots In The Morristown Area

Imagine the following scenario: it’s right in the middle of a balmy New Jersey summer. You and your friends want to enjoy nature and also maybe have a little snack. Your friends’ kids also want to have some time to frolic. What we’re saying is that you and your crew want to have a picnic—and you are local to Morristown. Sound familiar?


It’s a conundrum that many families have, and thankfully, it’s one that is easy enough to fix. Morristown is a city that is remarkably good for picnicking and outdoor adventures. The trick is that you should choose a place that offers up a good picnic spot for you and your own. These picks below are our top choices.


Kitchell Lake Picnic Area

Kitchell Lake is a park that most of locals in Morristown are aware of. It’s got gorgeous lakeside views, trails that you can hike to your hearts’ content, and also boasts a massive wooden picnic area. 


The area in question offers a wooden covering just in case of rain, ample ventilation, sturdy picnic benches, as well as some cool areas for people who want to stretch after they walk. If you feel like doing the old-fashioned blanket look, then you absolutely can. 


Loantanka Brook Reservation

Loantanka Brook Reservation is one of the biggest parks in the Morristown area, and it is honestly a little bit mazelike. The reservation has biking trails, areas for horse riding (BYOH: Bring Your Own Horse), a covered picnic area, a baseball diamond, and a beautiful playground for your kids to enjoy. 


The picnic area has tables, a covering, as well as multiple basic grills that you can use in order to cook your food. So, it’s a bit unusual in that sense. If you want to have a larger party at the reservation, you’re not alone. To make things easier, Loantanka Reservation makes it easy to reserve the picnic area for your party. 


Frelinghuysen Arboretum

Frelinghuysen Arboretum isn’t just another park. It’s also the head of the Morris County Park System, which means that you can also expect to get some free information about other parks and events in your area. This arboretum does not have a covered picnic area, but it does have a bunch of beautiful trails. 


If you are a fan of looking at various trees and finding out cool facts about trees while you munch, this is definitely a more adult way to get your picnic on. Just make sure to bring a blanket!

Morristown National Historic Park

Located right in the heart of town is Morristown National Historic Park. This park was made to commemorate the area where George Washington and his men slept during the Revolutionary war. It’s a place that’s filled with amazing walks through one of the most historically significant parts of New Jersey. 


Morristown National Historic Park has plenty of trails, as well as a full-scale museum and mansion that you can explore before you picnic it up. The area’s scenic views and frequent events make it a good place to picnic, simply because you never know what you will see. 


Fort Nonsense

Don’t be fooled by the name. Fort Nonsense is not all fun and games. Well, it is, actually. Kind of. This gorgeous area was once part of a small fort used by (you guessed it) Washington. Nowadays, it’s a small area that has an old cannon, nice little tufts where you can sit down, and plenty of pretty sights to see. 


Fort Nonsense is a good place to go if you want to have a more intimate area with a lot of quiet and privacy. If you are looking for a good place to have a date night picnic, then skip all the other nonsense and come here. 

Lidgerwood Park

Lidgerwood Park is another top pick for people who want to try outside dining while the weather’s still warm. This petite park is a smart choice for people who want to bring kids over for a game of ball while they sit in the shade and dispense snacks. 


A very family-friendly area, this place has the standard wooden park benches and picnic area. While this area doesn’t rely on reservations as heavily as others, there’s something to be said about being able to enjoy the picnic area in a pinch. 

Conclusion: Morristown Is Picnic-Friendly

No matter how you look at it, Morristown has a lot to offer people who want to rest in the great outdoors. This area is one of the best places to be if you want that fine blend between city amenities and outdoorsy areas. You might even say it’s real estate you can sink your teeth into!

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