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Private Client Real Estate VIP AccessBy Invitation Only

This is a private real estate network dedicated to keeping our clients and community partners connected to our dynamic real estate market. We do this via our weekly VIP email series that is centered around the best real estate deals, investor opportunities, and market insights.

Join our VIP Program

You are invited to join our private real estate VIP network. This is a by-invitation program for our private clients and community partners featuring key real estate centric information such as off-market deals, investor opportunities, market analysis, home buyer search programs and our curated “deal of the week” series featuring real estate deals from time to time.

Deal of the Week
Scrubbed and curated snapshots of the real estate market one property at a time to give you the pulse
Community Highlights
Important community highlights including government news, regulations, and lifestyle news
Investor Network
Hand-picked deals for first-time investors and seasoned investors alike
Active Home Buyers
Behind the scenes look at active buyer demand including specific buyer needs and timelines
Market Analysis
Key leading and lagging indicators of the real estate market and its impact on home values
Off Market Deals
The inside scoop on homes that are for sale or lease that nobody knows about

“After being drowned with real estate marketing materials for so many years, I am glad to have finally found your VIP list. I love your “Deal of the Week” emails and appreciate your on-going insights. This is the only real estate email I even read… so keep it up!”

Peter L // December 2018

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