Why You Will Love Living In 10 Provost In Jersey City

Jersey City real estate has never been as high in demand as it is today. With so many amenities throughout the city, it’s easy to see why people are working hard to find that perfect place to call home within city limits. Unsurprisingly, condos have been selling like hotcakes among people who love the idea of homeownership but hate the idea of doing lawn work. 

10 Provost is a hot new condo complex right in the heart of Jersey City, and it’s incredibly popular. As a part of the city’s super-popular Arts District, it’s hard not to want to move in just for that status alone. However, there are plenty of reasons why you might choose 10 Provost for your own home. Check out some of our top reasons below…

1. The condos are remarkably spacious.

A typical condo in 10 Provost is well over 1,000 square feet. This makes them above average for condos and means that you’ll have plenty of space to stretch and grow. Moreover, each room has been created to maximize open space and give you the feeling of a lofty, airy apartment. 

You also get to enjoy modern layouts that are designed with a sleek, modern look to them, along with spacious size. Since the condos are created with a keen eye for quality materials and flexible styling, you can always rest assured that your home will truly feel like your own. 

2. There is so much to do around 10 Provost.

10 Provost is in the heart of Jersey City’s Arts District. For people who love to kick back and relax, this is a huge perk. This means that you will get to live near art galleries, theaters featuring excellent performances, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. 

If you get tired of Jersey City life, that’s alright. 10 Provost also happens to be very close to public transportation, which means New York City is just a quick step away. Whether you’re young or old, you will be able to find something to do in and around town.

3. It also happens to be a commuter’s dream. 

It’s no secret that many people who live in Jersey City don’t work right next door. Jersey City happens to be a hub for several major industries, including real estate, finance, and the arts. However, you don’t have to work in Jersey City to love the amenities here. 

A major communing hotspot is right near 10 Provost: the NJ Path stations. This can bring you to New York City as well as the nearby city of Hoboken. If you want to work in the Big Apple, it’s a great place to be. 

4. 10 Provost offers a ton of amenities. 

One of the biggest reasons for New Yorkers’ mass exodus into places like Jersey City deals with the amenities they get from New York condos…or the lack thereof. 10 Provost’s developers understood this and worked hard to create a building complex that gives you top of the line amenities with the feel of the city. 

The result is a place that gives you a loft-like interior, a sky lounge, ample dining, a spa-like pool, and an exclusive feel that people adore. 

5. This condo building was built by one of the best companies in the nation. 

10 Provost is not some random real estate investor’s pet project; it’s one of the Toll Brothers’ top works. Toll Brothers is a Fortune 500 company that specializes in real estate development and luxury condos. This means that you can expect quality, accommodating service, as well as the type of lifestyle that you can always feel safe with. 

With their years of experience and world-class staff, it’s easy to see why residents trust in 10 Provost to give them the living experience they want. Toll Brothers knows how to turn a home into a lifestyle, and 10 Provost delivers it in spades.

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