Why You Will Love Living In Harrison, NJ

North Jersey has some of the most densely populated parts of the country, and to a point, it’s easy to see why. This region is one of the biggest mass transit hotspots in the nation, but that’s not why it’s turning into such hot real estate. Harrison, NJ in particular, has become a favorite as far as real estate goes. 


While many people have made an effort to move out of cities throughout the United States, Harrison is undergoing a massive influx of people. People are snapping up apartments, condos, and more in the city. Did you ever wonder why? Well, there are plenty of reasons to love living in and around this area…


1. It has one of the shortest commutes to New York City in New Jersey. 

You can get to New York City, right in the center of Manhattan, within a matter of 20 minutes. No joke! The NJ PATH system is what makes it possible, and it’s only $2.75 per ticket. If you want to go to a location via NJTransit, then you can just take the PATH to Newark Penn. 


Want to drive-in? That’s also fairly doable. Harrison is right on the line with I-280, one of the fastest routes to New York City. It also is fairly close in proximity to the NJ Turnpike. 


2. Luxury condos and apartments are everywhere.

Harrison is currently undergoing a major revamp as a “bougie” town. If you were worried about living in a ramshackle home, this is not going to be an issue here. You can find fully equipped luxury condos with rooftop pools, awesome parking, as well as places that have friendly doormen and communal areas. 


There are tons of new developments coming up on every corner of Harrison. You’re bound to find a community that works with your lifestyle.


3. The restaurant scene here is awesome. 

Harrison is starting to gain a strong following as far as the restaurant scene goes. Along with being home to the Spanish Pavillion of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares fame, Harrison is famous for its rich Portuguese heritage within the area. Translation? Amazing restaurants with insanely good seafood. 


In the newer portion of Harrison, you will be able to enjoy wine bars, taco restaurants, Asian fusion, and so much more. If you want to party it up, Newark is just a quick drive away. 


4. Excellent community amenities abound.

There are a lot of cities that have high populations with little to afford them, but Harrison is not one of them. There are tons of public playgrounds, a great public school, a well-to-do law enforcement system as well as more. 


If you have Irish heritage, you’ll be happy to know that Harrison has an Irish-American heritage center. Meanwhile, people who are in need of help with after-school programs will be happy to hear that Harrison has a very active, family-centric community. 


5. You’ll never have to go too far for a job.

Essex County currently boasts one of the most versatile and active job markets in the state. You can find just about any type of job here, and most of them are fairly well-paying. There are managerial positions, healthcare jobs, restaurants, retails, and even finance. 


People who get worried about being able to find the right job. This is a town where you get to enjoy tons of amenities involving career hunting tips, job support, and more. Even the small business help you can get here is going to be a huge help. 


6. Harrison real estate is a safe bet.

Commuter cities are becoming increasingly popular among real estate investors, especially when they have as many amenities as Harrison or Newark. That’s why so many companies are working towards getting more real estate developed in the area. 


As a resident, you’re going to be able to buy a home in Harrison while the getting is good. That’s so important when it comes to ensuring that you have a good resale value. It also means you won’t have to worry about finding a buyer. 

7. It has an amazingly youthful community.

Harrison is one of the better cities for people who are young, looking for a good place to call home, and also put together a career that can grow with you. As one of the few cities where singles outnumber married people, you never know who you might meet around here. 


People who move to Harrison tend to end up falling in love with it sooner rather than later. Once you live here for a while, it’ll be hard to compare any community to the awesome benefits that come with living here.

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